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Junji Ito

Posted by Xo_Zozo


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I haven’t seen a lot of talk abt his work, so I totally wanted to bring it up! 

I’ve read a great deal of his works but there’s always something new, maybe old. I also just watched the animated version of some of his stores on Netflix, really good adaptation 10/10 recommend. 

What’s your favorite you’ve read, or maybe one that was really unsettling to you? Did you enjoy the animated version if you’ve seen it? <3

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Reply by victoria lorelai


I probably read all of Junji Ito's manga, and my favorite was Sensor (because I'm irreparably hopeful, and I believed it to be the only manga that had a glimmer of hope against the impending evil), despite that, what scared me the most and caused me bad feelings (which I believe is the point of a horror manga) was Hellstar Remina. The entire plot of the story gives you the feeling of being trapped against the wall and subjected to an inevitable future, with no chance of anything being resolved or saved, the ending is also terrifying!!!! but I believe I was impacted in that way by having spent a whole week reading horror manga, which I don't recommend, because it messed with my head (and I think i have a high tolerance for horror in general)

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