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[Lethal Company, wanna play?]

Posted by Mushi [509]


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I'm sure you have heard of this since it has been a BOOM in games these few months

Lately i have been obsessed it, like i have seen every posible video about it, lore, gameplay, etc. etc.

I have the game, i love it with my heart, best 10 dollars expend in my entire life, the problem, i just got the chance to play like 3 times, a have to few friends who have it, also playing with mods, god i love modded LC,, now the important:


PLEASEEE?, i don't mind if you're shitti at it, me too, i just want to play, tho i have some important things to say:

  • we must speak, ik, i get nervous too while talking with new people, even more when i don't have a very good english accent (i don't mind if you have an accent, also if you speak spanish then perfecto)
  • i would like to have your discord or insta or any way into communication with you before the game :O

I think that's all, maybe even, we could be friends afterwards ;P

My discord: mushi_n

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