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6arelyhuman feb shows

hi =) i know no one uses this group but I would still like to use this as a place to post about the gigs going on and shit so ppl can be informed if they rly dont wanna use mainstream social media, so I apologise for missing quite a few things lately. Suicidal idol just headlined with hoshie (or is right now maybe? Let me check timezones lol) at wholesome rave in LA. They only played their first gig not that long ago too. When I first found suicidal idol in 2022 I think they had maybe 7k listeners per month now it’s over 7 mil. it’s just been crazy to watch, like it’s fkn cool that a song going viral on insta can propel u to that level before u even played ur first show. Anyway…

6arelyhuman going on a ‘mini tour’ heres the dates <3

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