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First post (one of my eltingville club ocs)

Posted by Ki4r1n.raya_la.mesa


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My eltingville club oc Hayley Fuentes (it's my first time posting art here lol)

She is a scene queen and part of a group of emos, they don't really consider it a club they just hang out with eachother and talk about music and other stuff going on in their lives, she's energetic, eccentric and bubbly, she loves parties, she's more of a night person and absolutely adores green day and avryl Lavigne amongst other pop punk bands, electronic music and dc emotional hardcore (none of the members of them will ever shut up about sunny day real estate which fair enough). She loves accessories and glitter, Jane Dickey hisses at her out of both hate and fear becouse of her personality being "disturbingly bright" and it's basically impossible to insult her because she will somehow find a way to turn it into a compliment, like if you tell her she looks sleep deprived she'll reply "yeah that's kinda what i was going for".

 Hayley also loves zombies and reading Jhonen Vázquez's comics and his Stellar series: invader zim,of course!

Her group will casually come across with the eltingville club and get into shenanigans.

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Reply by CupidRuben


Omg I love this

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Reply by Ki4r1n.raya_la.mesa


fangs so much xd

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