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Can someone please give me advice, I'm 9 days past my due period, I was feeling extremely nauseas today and when I went into a mexican fast food place with my s/o I had to leave because the smell made me dry heave.. when should i take another test as they are showing negative?

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Reply by Jinnicide


periods can, and do, get wonky for a million different reasons. do you have a reason to believe you are pregnant (ie: unprotected sex with men)? if you want to know for sure for sure, get tested at an actual clinic.

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Reply by Sc0rp1an


You should definitely do two tests at once, sometimes a test can be defaultive and it’s better to do two in case. But if you are becoming more sensitive to certain smells and feeling weird then you should see if it’s just those ingredients and you developed an allergy just in case. Hope this helps ^^

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