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What do you guys think about Kojima's games?

Posted by Jay-The Chaos Cat


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Kojima has made many games. I think in 2 years its his 40th year anniversary making games. So, what do you guys think about his games? Not only metal gear but also death stranding. And also what do you think death stranding 2 and physint is gonna be like?

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Reply by ✩Lost Punky✩


I think most people categorize kojima like its good or overrated and i rather think it all the way around. Is not about good or bad its more about being creative, yeah i know he can be wierd or dense but the way he does games has always change the industry. I dont know if kojima is a genius or just a "wierdo" but hes an amazing creative person, and in his way, always creates a new vision of videogames. This new Ip his doing "between game and movie" idk the fk is but i sure know that it will be a interesting, creative and groundbreaking thing.
i love him not because i like his games, in fact i dont like that much Death stranding, it was kinda slow and more like a tv series than a videogame, but that was amazing the freedom that DS brings into the gameplay was something new. 
And thats what he do, he put his mind and love for creating ideas into games. For me hes the most interestings creators from the mainstream and i dont think anyone can deny that

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