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I hate how people phrase feminism. Sure some sour people use the excuse of feminism to back up their hate and rage filled stupidity, but why do people think it’s okay to say that and then turn around to complain on someone’s SA vent about how “it’s not all men :(((“ or they blame the person for being assaulted. I do have a few guy friends and they are feminists themselves. It’s not a hard topic to understand. Most medical documents are based off of male anatomy, most jobs are mostly populated by men unless they’re something that ‘women should be doing instead of pretending to be men.’, and even at schools! so many fucking bullying cases are shrugged off because the boy was just “shy” or “He liked her but didn’t know how to say it….” WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THAT?? We should not be normalising abusive relationships with ACTUAL CHILDREN. This is not the 1920s you can’t just force someone to be with another because one of them “really wants to be together. ” People will complain and complain about how “all feminists are just single angry women who can’t pull.” When in reality, they’re the exact reason why those women are angry in the first place. Women are constantly under minded, abused, KILLED EVEN and people will blame those women because “of how she dressed” or “she was asking for it the moment she stepped out of the house.” Sure there are female murderers, pedophiles, the lot. But why are people focusing on the gender of someone who is clearly mentally fucked up?? Rage is not something that just happens because someone did a minor mistake. There is always factors behind it and there is never going to be a perfect example of why a person snapped. You don’t just wake up and decide to murder a person because of a little oppsie. You plan it out and go thru with it. This is mostly just a vent but thank you if you read it ^^

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