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Curly Emo/Scene Hair

Does anyone know how I can acheive some sort of emo/ scene hair with curls? I have 2c/3a type hair and I'm not willing to straighten or blowdry it in consideration for the survival of my curl pattern. I had a racoon tail as a kid that I loved but now that my hair is curly it would look wack if I had one againĀ 

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Reply by xX_N1ghtm4r3_P01s0n_Xx


Work WITH your texture, not against it.

I've seen people with textured, tightly coiled hair who look Emo. It's all about styling - gonna use Black hairstyles as an example of what I mean. I've seen Emos with their hair in locs, the 'bangs' being locs styled in such a way to mimic the shape of the typical bangs you'd expect of the fashion. I've also seen Black people with all their hair extremely long, still in locs, but how they parted their hair is what sells the effect.

Ultimately, it's trial and error. I'm a White person so I can only tell you what I've seen and not what to do cause I don't know, but as I started; work WITH your texture, not against it.

On the raccoon stripes; hair extensions. You can either make them yourself or buy them but that could be worth a try. I wish you luck on your journey!

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