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My first Ouija board experience

This was also my first major paranormal experience.

I went to a summer camp as a kid, I think I was about 11 years old at the time. One of my cabin mates was really spiritual and made an Ouija board made of paper (They said any type of Ouija board works as long as they are made with intention) So we all used it. We even took turns lifting our fingers to see if anyone was moving it, but it seemed to move completely on its own. I don't remember all the questions we asked but I remember that the spirit's favorite colour was yellow and their name was Brenda Rose. Also during camp, a bracelet disappeared and reappeared around the cabin, 3 strings appeared on our cabin light, and I heard weird noises outside the bathroom, like somebody was telling me to shush. That experience is what cause me to believe in spirits and Witchcraft.        

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That’s actually so cool! I usually only hear bad stories about Ouija boards. I don’t think I’ll ever go near one myself…I think they can be dangerous. 

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