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Weird lights on the sky...

(Disclaimer: English it's not my primary language)

Ok so, I wanted to tell you guys about something that me and my whole family saw a couple nights ago. We were on a family reunion. Me and my Gf were looking at the odly big and yellow moon. We had seen like 9 strange "moving stars" at that point, so we were having fun spotting more (I'm from Chile so seeing thinks like that is fairly common).

Then it happened, I saw a strange light on the clouds, like lighting but somewhat smaller, I thought it was weird and I told her. Then, like 10 seconds later it happened again, then I told her like "Hey, look at the sky for a moment" and then 10 or so seconds later, it showed again.

At this point it was more than weird, we both saw it and it keep happening at regular intervals so it couldn't be lighting or something "natural". 15 minutes passed and my whole family was there seeing the same thing as us, this weird lighting' like light appearing on the sky at regular intervals of 10 or more seconds. When we got home, my Gf sends me a link from a news page and it seems  it was not the first time it happened. Somewhere over the world, years prior the same thing was seen on the sky at night.

The thing is, this article talks about rockets or satelites that can produce those lights, but this one was showing consistently for like 30 minutes, so I'm not sure about that.

Has someone seen something similar? What do you guys think?

Btw if you're interested, here's the news article that we saw. The light it's the same as it was that night.

Strange lights on the sky

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Reply by Lex


Sounds scary! Ive seen lights in the sky a handful of times

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Reply by Akatosh


lThe closest thing that happened to me was seeing a literal car flying 

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