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I Have A Quite Good Feeling for Myself in 2024

Posted by Sofia Rina


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I have a quite good feeling for 2024. I made quite a lot of plans for this year, unlike last year where I was like blank, no plans at all. I have made some long term goals for me, I hope all these goals come true later. All the best for me. 

I want to say that fascism and conservartism are on a rise now, be careful with their propaganda. Don't vote for fascist and conservative leaders. Don't be a fascist and don't be a conservative. Remember, they are dangerous. 

For those of you guys who want to know my views on Israel and Palestine, I support a two-state solution with pre-1967 borders. The Israeli occupation is clearly wrong and Palestine must be free. Hopefully there will be lasting peace between Palestine and Israel. 

This photo was taken on Monday, 22 January, 2024 at 15:06 with Samsung Galaxy A10s. 

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