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Random Genshin fanart post

And I'm putting this piece on it's own topic cause I know none of my Spacehey friends play the game, so maybe it'll reach more people in the forums!

They're doing the toothless dance, but I wanted the names to be puns, so... enjoy I guess!

I wanted to try something really simple and out of my comfort zone and I think it came out pretty cute. I have to say that I'm actually happy with this piece. Which is interesting cause I did it on a whim and without expectations.

So yeah, the dragons doing the toothless dance but since Neuvilette is an otter, Zhongli is a lizard. I think the lizard fits him, he just has those vibes.

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i don’t even play genshin lmao i came here from ur bulletin. THIS IS CUTE!!

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Reply by Lain Sarif


Thanks, Icarus! ^^ <3

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