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"Lost Echoes: The Odyssey of a Young Man."

In the vastness of the world, a young wanderer

Among shadows he walks, hope a distant truth.

In the dance of uncertainty, he is lost

An uncertain future, sinking in the sea of his soul.

In his eyes, glimpses of a cloudy sky,

Reflecting questions, dreams hidden to lie.

Through streets of doubt, through paths of fear

Searching for answers in the corner where mistakes hide.

The clock of destiny marking an uncertain rhyme,

Your dreams, an open puzzle in the sands of time.

Which path to tread on this grand stage?

Your steps falter, lost in the daily page of life.

Your reflection in the urban crystal, the face of yesterday,

A constant search, a longing to embrace.

Oh, lost young, amidst the murmur of the city,

Where will you find the map of your own fervor?

In the silence of the night, distant whispers,

The moon illuminates paths, guiding like a star.

Perhaps the secret lies in embracing the unknown,

At every turn, a new truth to show.

Though the inner compass remains unread,

The essence of life flickers in every street.

In every fall, a lesson in disguise

And after the storm, a shared dawn.

Oh, young dreamer, in your search so sharp

Life is a canvas, each step a scene.

Lost today, but tomorrow you'll find

The purpose that beats in your heart, intertwined.

At the crossroads of aimless youthful days,

You'll weave stories into deep shapes

Trust in the journey.

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Reply by Shuns


Me encanto el poema, ¿Fue escrito por tí? Me gustaría saber que te inspiro a escribirlo

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Reply by ItsArces


@Shuns Gracias por sus palabras apreciativas y lamento responder un poco tarde. La inspiración nace de mi. Un joven adolescente perdido en el mundo contemporáneo, sin tener claridad sobre su futuro, sirvió como la chispa que me encendió la creatividad. La imagen mia buscando el camino en medio de la incertidumbre y las luces de la ciudad resonó profundamente, y traté de capturar ese sentimiento a través de las palabras. La poesía a menudo florece cuando se encuentra en la intersección de la experiencia personal y la imaginación, y mi sentir de ese momento proporcionó el lienzo perfecto para explorar esos territorios emocionales.

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