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Trying to make my own music, but I don't know where to start.

Posted by halomaster23198


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Hey guys, I really want to start making music for my band, but i don't know where to start producing.

If you have any suggestions send here, Thanks!

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Reply by h@n@h <3


what i would recommend is to just start messing around on your instruments with your bandmates

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Reply by Forsarek Slayer of Glerbo


u dont want to burn urself out trying to figure out HOW to make music when you have the world at ur fingertips. 

download BandLab on your phone or garageband if you have an iPhone (they're free, even bandlab has a desktop version) make a couple shitty beats, maybe record some audio takes of u practicing w/ ur instruments. 

if ur extra asf like me and trying to get the best of wat u can get out of producing music, try learning how to torrent and get yourself a legit copy of a DAW that you have been keeping an eye on. (BitWig, Ableton, Logic Pro X, FL Studio) 

PM me if u want some help getting a copy and i can try my best to assist :)

write in ur journal. make concept projects. envision the world of your music and romanticize it making it ur own. Every thought and lyric that u think is "not good enough" will be. it's all building blocks to your next step. 


Hone this perspective and i promise the art will speak for itself.

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Reply by halomaster23198


Thanks mate, I'll try doing some of the things mentioned.

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Reply by 77razr


be prepared to start shit, but notice not the shit, notice how less shit the track following is, each subsequent track is going to be a slightly further refining and learning of skill, it won't take forever and you will get stuff, just don't compare urself to others and only focus on bettering urself 

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