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Do poems have to make sense?

Posted by Lek


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PDo poems really have to make sense? Or do they just have to be beautiful? Do they have to rhyme or just match? Poem is a way of expressing a feeling, feelings don't have to make sense.

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Reply by ItsArces


Rhyme, that sonorous harmony that intoxicates the senses, and structure, which gives form to the chaos of emotions, are mere tools in the poet's palette. They can be used to sculpt the aesthetics of verse, but they must not eclipse the freedom of emotional expression. In this way, the poem, as a distillate of human experience, is not subject to the constraints of logic, but rises above it, seeking to resonate in the innermost recesses of human sensibility.

Ultimately, the question of the need for meaning in poems leads us to reflect on the very nature of artistic experience. Is the purpose of poetry to offer definite answers, or rather, to invite reflection and contemplation? In his ceaseless search, the poet becomes a navigator of the soul, exploring the vast seas of emotion and leaving behind him trails of words that invite each reader to plunge into the depths of his own interpretation.

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