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wutz wrong with cannibalizm??

well, there are many thingz wrong with it such as it's human eating a human, you can get sick from it and even die, you can get arrested for being a cannibal... but who gives a muthafuckin' shit!! cannibalizm is like a work of art, a beauty.. plus, people just look tastyzzz! 

question of the day: what is something you love that is a bad thing?? im just curioussss!! >3<

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Reply by aguss


for the well-being of my digital footprint im just going to say that i enjoy thinking of myself in weird scenarios like being kidnapped and then dying or someone that i love hitting me (not in a romantizing or sexualizing weird stuff way)

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Reply by ang3lizafailure


i have those thoughts too. it's weird to fantasize about somebody hitting you, or somebody eating you (or eating somebody). it's just something I think about often. im glad we are somewhat similar! :3

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