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the damage we do it to ourselves

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ive been thinkin for a while, and now 2014 its trend this year, so the trends & stuff are gonna come back every 10 years??? thats kinda fast dont u think?

idk, i mean 2014 was a great year and im happy i can "live" that year again but that soon? i think its postpandemic effect or smth, cause before 2020 or covid, we were still living a few vestiges of the 2014-2016 era, but then everyone was closed in their homes and so everyone was on social media (aka tiktok) 24/7, so everyone's opinion was suddenly relevant, anddd soooo everyone started to created micro trends, and everyone was famous for a micro minute. 

cause who knows what r doin tiktok's stars rn? i have no idea!

but my point is that this is unhealty, i know im not the first person to say it but im tired of all this trends in make up, fashion, skin care, and so many stufffffffff, today the trend is this so u have to be on day, BUT NO!!! tomorrow the trend is something completely and u HAVE to be on time.

Music, feminism, make up, actors, celebrities, politics, fires, wars, ITS SO MUCH!!!!

all the trends of tik tok r gonna come back too? why u have to create somethin different every minute or PUT A NAME/LABEL to EVERYTHINNNNGGGGG.

what is that? "neo-pronouns"??? where that came from??? im genuinely asking. 

everything is a label nowadays, why do u have the URGE to feel represented or feeling part of something??? u r not goin to d1e???

no, that one character of the show do u like is not gay cause u think it is.

no, that there's no people of ur nacionality on the movies u like doesnt mean the world hates u and discriminates u

we should stop to take everything as an attack!!! no, the industry doesnt hate u, neither capitalism!!!

i dont want to be a hater, im nobody, and my writing is very poorly i know, im still learning, but u have to get out of ur phone, touch some grass, make friends IN REAL LIFE, be careful, nobody hates u.

I love u, and Jesus loves you too. <3

see u on the comic strips!

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Reply by overcomplexification


this is such a non-issue. if you feel overwhelmed by the rapid change of trends, you can always just uninstall and enjoy your time on the internet some other way that isn't just paying attention to the latest trends or whatever.

It is all about perspective, especially regarding online trends. if you can't see them, then they don't exist, end of story.


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Reply by dam:3


yesss right???? you r absolutely right, thats what everyone of us should do.

th whole point of this is that im saying that is unhealthy, we just see everyday a lot and a lot of trends that can be unhealthy and dangerous.

im glad we're not in the 2000s anymore, where anorexic girls we're considerated normal, but we're goin crazy with all these stuff. 

"u have to be thin to be pretty but no u should not loose weight. love yourself as u are!!! oh u doing excercise? u r fatphobic!!!"

im talkin bout that kind of toxic stuff.

 is not doin good for anyone. :)

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