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Favourite post-punk bands?

Posted by Rowan


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hi! since there's no forums here, i decided to post one.

honestly i don't heavily listen to any post-punk bands so my knowledge is a bit limited. i'm not good with genres either so i just looked up a list of post-punk bands - if there's any on here that you don't consider post-punk (honestly some of them feel more new wave to me, but i'm adding them anyway), let me know! 

some of my favourites are joy division, siouxsie and the banshees, the cure, talking heads, and new order.

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Reply by Nigu


im more into the newer postpunk abnds so i can give you a few recoms on that front! interpol is a classic, but im thinking more about bands like protomartyr, preoccupations and uhh squid! very cool bands, maybe it takes some time to get into their stuff but its prety rewarding :3

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Reply by Rowan


i've listened to "turn on the bright lights" by interpol, i didn't know they were considered post-punk. i'll check out the others, though! thanks :)

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