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recomendacion de musica ?

Posted by alekisnothuman


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 fourth of july . sufjan stevens 

 exit music . radio head

 querer querernos . canserbero

 goodbye yellow brick . elton john

 stop crying your heart out . oasis 

 perdonar es divino . gustavo cerati

 california dreamin . the mamas and the papas

 long cool woman (in a black dress) . the hollies

 night flower 

 creep . radiohead 

 starry night 

 nowhereland . lus 

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Reply by Forsarek Slayer of Glerbo


just dropped some new music, i think u might like it.

idk what u listen on so i made this link tree: 


Making a music video right now too for the new song HILU, here's a link to the preview.


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