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this is what happens after u d1e!!!! (the secret)

Posted by dam:3


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hello everybody 

im gonna to intoduce u the thoughts of my heart and mind, come on!

well, have u ever stop and wonder what`s goin to happen after your death? OF COURSE! everybody at least once have been thinkin of that 

(im gonna apologize rn english is not my first language sorry!!11!111!)

well, u know, well u dont! u dont know where u goin after life, cause maybe u don't reaaally care, u care bout today huh? but today is past, every moment ur closer to death! thats a fact, u like it or not. 

well, my point is to tell u bout the salvation of ur soul! WAIT! u r goin to make it till the end of this!!!!!!

okay, first: YES IM CHRISTIANNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


as i was sayingggggg, u don't reaallyyyy care bout what happen after you die, cause u r living just the present, and what happens next? wanna know? of course u wanna know lols whatever, u maybe will think "oh no, there's no heaven or hell, JUST MITHS, nothing happens after u d1e, there's no God or Satan", or maybe u are the kind of person who thinks that is goin to heaven cause of ur good actions. did i score?

okay, the first kind of person we wil call it Soup, the second one is called Jelly! pick ur character!

Okay if u r Jelly, u can read from here, for Soup we r gonna talk in another chance, but u can read too!

JELLY, dear and silly Jelly, this is for u!

okay, so as u was saying to me, u think u will go to heaven maybe cause u donate to charity and u think that God is happy with u for that! :D huh? okay, sorry to break ur expectations, buuuut no, u don't go to heaven just for being nice. Oh! u think that is unfair huh?, okay, lets seeee

so, u think u are a really nice person, we r gonna checkkkk ;)

we will ocupping the 10 commandmets, easy! u maybe know a few, u know: don`t steal, don't lie, etc... 

okay, accordin to The Law of Moses, im goin to ask u a few questions, u will answer with yes or no, nothing else.

1. have u ever lie, like in your entire life? (and YES, there's no such thing as white lies, so those count too)

2. haaave u ever steal? (yes it counts even when is something little)

3. have u ever talk in a bad way of or to your parents? (is a yes or no answer, we r not asking if they r good or bad at parenting)

3. have u ever take God's name in vain? (idc if its for accident, answer the freaking question!)

OKAYYY Jelly pop! u did have a few questions with a "yes", but DON'T WORRY, there's nothing lost, here are the GOOD NEWS!!!!!!

so as u already see, actually u r a not a good person and yes, nobody else is, so ur logic to get to heaven is actually not working, if it was really like that, none of us will ever go to heaven!

what r the good news? that u don't really have to do good things to get to heaven. what u need to do is believing in the Lord Jesus!

"uh,, but the religious people r so hypOcRitEeEE" YES WE CAN BE, but what im telling u that u need Jesus, not a church. cause us as humans, we can fail, we sin everyday, but u know who is perfect? yes! Christ!

the people who are in the church are not perfect, and we don't know the heart of everyone, cause all of us are fightin against a sin, and we alone can do nothing, we need salvation, the cross, Jesus!

so, yes, u r a sinner like everyone, and yes u need Jesus, and He is waiting for u! He loves u!

so maybe (i hope if somebody is reading this) u get to this point and recognizing that u r a sinner, and u want to accept Jesus as ur savior and Lord, so what's next?


"Dear Lord, i'm here pressenting myself as a sinner, hoping for ur redemption and forgivness, i believe and confess that u are the son of God and u died to resurect at the 3rd day. i've sin for everyday of my life and i don't wanna live that life anymore, i recognize you as my savior and i ask for forgivness. Make in me a new person that can life for you, i want to serve you. Amen"


if even one person read this, ill be happy and i pray in the name of jesus that this seed can be planted of those who need it.

so, now ur life has to be different. how? we r gonna see that in the next chapter! God Bless! <3

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