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Be careful with the food you give your cat

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be very careful when feeding your kitten 

have 3 kittens, I used to feed and care for them with a certain brand of purple packaging (for some reasons I can't say which one I think they give me ban). The three of them were very healthy and healthy until one day one of them started not being able to urinate. My mother got very worried because the cat was very swollen and was crying from the pain. The poor kitten had his urinary tract full of stones, the poor thing couldn't urinate. Many unscrupulous veterinarians recommended us to euthanize him, when we finally found a doctor who wanted to help us, the cat underwent emergency surgery which ended in the cat without a "friend" and a recovery in intensive care for 2 weeks. In addition to his month-long recovery, my entire family and the cat suffered a lot, fortunately he is fine now and we learned our lesson. 

This, as we were told, unfortunately happens very often, and unfortunately some cats lose the battle against this disease, although we try hard for them, sometimes we eat advertising from an unscrupulous brand.


So that you and your kitten never have to go through something similar, here I quickly recommend how to choose food appropriately, as well as cheap and expensive brands that can help with this.

💝  Check the back of the food, some foods contain ash, the ideal is that it either does not contain ash or contains the least, start to worry when your food has more than 5% 

💝  Be careful with the percentage of carbohydrates, cats are carnivores and the ideal is for the food to contain 45% protein. There is no law that regulates food companies, so sometimes they may not explicitly tell you but they say 30% or more of grains or derivatives of corn, wheat, etc. This is very bad because an excess of these causes overweight, bad coat and poor digestion. There are brands free of filler ingredients or carbohydrates, below I will leave you some, keep in mind that they may cost a little more 

💝 ¡The most expensive is not always the best! Please do not get carried away by brands that put premium, ultra premium or something like that in their packages. many times you will only find higher prices and equally poor quality of food.

Here I leave you some very good meals based on my personal experience (remember each cat is different) 

🌟 Taste of the wild - acana - N&D: Grain-free brands with high protein content 🥩

 🌟 Nupec - big plus: Cheaper brands that have nothing to envy of higher value brands

 🌟Hills: some veterinarians prescribe it, it has a premium meat but it is already starting to have grain content, also for its price I think I would recommend some more from the list 💝 

🌟 Agility - Nutrique: these are the cheapest meals of the entire top, they are acceptable in proteins and average in carbohydrates, they are a good option if you don't have much of a budget  

I'm sorry if I made any mistakes in the writing, English is not my native language. 💖

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