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what fashion trend do you miss the most? and what fashion/year trend you wanna bring back?

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Reply by ¡¡¡ SMITUNA !!!


i honestly think fashion trends fuck up a fashion style because people who are going through a phase in it or like it because it's popular tend to mix it in with more normie aesthetics and characteristics. hell, no one in the scene community know about brokencyde or dot dot curve, "visual kei fans" are mostly just there for malice mizer and gulu gulu... visual kei people also started to wear clothes more similar to the 2020 alt era.. scene people don't even have that iconic scene hair anymore and sexualize scene culture.. 

in general, when a fashion style becomes trendy, it's over for it, and the people who are genuinely connected to it and identify with this style more than just "i like how it looks on me", are generally not taken seriously and forgotten. 

fashion "trends" can fucking rot, and people who go for "trendy stuff" can kill themselves /hj <33 

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Reply by d r y f r y z


honestly Tripp pants.. i was just a kid when it was popular, and i remember being SO fascinated~ 
my brother got a pair for xmas and i was beyond jealous haha  

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