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i hate being a teenage girl

the title is pretty self explanatory but i will elaborate. yesterday i was talking to a male friend and he told me "guys only have problem bc of girls" and that made me furius. thinking ab it its so exhausting being in a world where everything its your fault.  so not only i have to worry about being pretty and skinny all the time or im worthless, but also i have to be smart but too smart because its condescending and charming and happy but reservate at the right moment and sexy but no too much bc then i am whore, i have to be EVERYTHING.  

like, you have to be so much to be a "good" woman and i hate it. 

also, i hate that i seek validation from men, idk if its because of my past but its like everything i do has to be validated by a man and i hate it 

i just wanted to hear feelings, experiences, thoughts from other girls about it and if you have "free" yourself from this stupid rules. txh for reading !! ^ ^

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Reply by Liam


I don't know if I can talk about this, but since it's here, I'll just leave my opinion…

I know society can be exhausting, and I completely understand the frustration. But It's crucial not to let it compromise your happiness or force you into someone you're not. You can't satisfy everyone's expectations, and that's perfectly okay. It's not uncommon for people to deal with seek for external validation, and in this case, validation from men, and it might be based on experiences and that's perfectly understandable. Remember that your worth isn't determined by external validation. Being yourself and finding validation within it's what matters. Attempt to be your best version, not for others, but exclusively for your own well-being.

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