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question for other femboys

what made u get into being fem? or gave u the confidence to start expressing urself more fem, even. 

for me, it was f1nn5ter. seeing a cis straight guy being so feminine and chill about it and enjoy it so much made me wanna try it out too. and it's nice. being cute is fun :3

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Reply by matt :P


f1nn5ter is so real tbh! for me it was my sister^^! we're bsfs n she introduced me to a lot of fem clothes when she grew out of em bc i'm short n was interested in stuff like that!

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Reply by Topicha


felix argyle hehe :3

seeing a guy being so darn feminine was an "ohhh" for me lol

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Reply by Gutkandy


Honestly idk. I was never super into being stereotypically manly and seeing femboys in anime and on social media kinda inspired me.

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Reply by 楓(Kaede) the_Cursed_Doll


For me it was probably when I was in middle school getting into Undertale and saw the character Mettaton and was fascinated by it and wanted to be like that and thought it looked cool I was also kind of fascinated with androgyny I'm pretty sure because of anime characters that and I believe Visual Kei was also an influence because I even saw men wearing make up and cross-dressing and looking femme (some did look convincingly male as well while having a mix of feminine and masculine traits) but I still thought it looked cool and what-not.

I also am just not into things masculine or anything traditionally masculine I don't want a beard or a hairy chest I don't want to be some gym dude type person I don't like being dirty or wrestling and I don't really care that much for sports.... I have nothing against masculine men and I have friends like that and I respect them for who they are.

There are a few things I like traditionally masculine such as video games, seinen manga, and bionicles but I prefer to be femme

I always got mad at the world because I wasn't able to properly fit in with the world and because people would laugh at me or feel confusion and misunderstand me but... I am over that now and want to feel less nervous about myself and feel more confident in who I am I just want to express myself.

I do apologize that I typed a monologue or if some things sound a bit stupid.

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