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Clothes recomandations

HIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! I'd love to know a few online stores to buy dollete clothes (better if they do international deliveries <3)

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Reply by strawLuberry.


HIII! lu here!

Shein (Fast Delivery free worldwide shipping for orders over $50)

Lulus (Good for dresses, ships Worldwide)

Yes Style (Asian clothing site, free worldwide shipping for orders over $35)

Romwe (More affordable than most but shipping takes longer. Ships Worldwide)

BH (Trendy Clothing, ships worldwide.)

Zaful (Affordable, Trendy, free worldwide shipping for orders over $49)

Syndromestore (Kawaii Clothes) 

Showpo  (Summer Clothes)

Good Bye Bread (Store like Dollskill) 

Glitters For Dinner (Original cute clothes! A little bit expensive but worth it)

Dolls Kill (Ships Worldwide. Cute  Trendy Clothing but also darker too)

Missguided (Trendy items, Ships worldwide.)

Bonne Chance Collections (Adorable super original cute Dresses!)

Peiliee (Sells Larme Kei & Fairy Kei stuff, ships worldwide.)

Spreepicky (Kawaii Clothes) 

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