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The dreams and intrusive thoughts I feel

Ive been having dreams since two years ago now. I know this because I mostly have never dreamed at least not to where I have an account each night. Some can be ok but mostly there buzzard and uncomfortable, like ones where I'm trapped with someone I haven't thought about and who has hurt me.

Does anyone experience something similar to this? 

I also have random intrusive thoughts out of nowhere. Like, I'm in bed and suddenly my mind forms the sentence: is death really that scary?

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Reply by Jackie


I’ve been going through this since 2020 right about when the pandemic started. I have no answers to this but I ended up developing anxiety and depression due to it. I was suicidal but I got help. Please talk to someone. If you have nobody to talk to, I am here

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Intrusive thoughts are just thoughts. The very notion of your concern with it as intrusive is going to be the primary driver to their frequency becoming intrusive.
Your concern is making them happen.

Dreams are a healthy sign of proper REM sleep, the actual recuperative sleep. From you saying that before you hardly ever dreamed, this is actually a sign that what you were used to was INSUFFICIENT sleep, and now that you are getting it, for whatever reason, you are properly dreaming now. This is a good thing,
However, since you are not used to this as a regular occurrence, it can be understandable that it can be disturbing, and the notion of your understanding of it as disturbing, is also probably driving the nature of the dreams level of disturbing content.

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