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must have items! (Any style is welcome!)

Hi! I'm super into fashion and wanted to ask what is your must have items to complete your outfits? It can be anything from clothes accessories hair and makeup! Any style I love learning about peoples fashion! 

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Reply by the sound wobbly paper makes


I know this is a very broad question, but I'm going to do my best to keep it simple! I flip flop from style to style, but this is a list of things I've used for several of them:
  • ACCESSORIES: Arm warmers, leg warmers, pom pom hats and scarves. I thrifted some grey cable knit leg warmers and they are simply the best!!! A good pair of sunglasses and a shawl can complete any summery look, too.
  • SHOES: A good pair of black combat boots is a must-have!! They go well with everything! Layering them is also very fun. You can basically bling them out with any number of accessories.
  • MAKEUP: Black lipstick is a universally flattering shade. On the opposite spectrum, a clear gloss or a nude lipstick is also universally flattering. Also, invest in a good mascara, preferably matching your hair color. You can't go wrong with any of these things.
Most of what I detailed above are simple, affordable must haves. Thrift shops and rummage sales carry a lot of great deals. Lots of dollar store and drugstore brands carry popular alternative colors (NYX has wonderful long lasting black lipsticks, Colorpop has super pigmented shadows, and cheap glosses are plentiful: my two favorites being NYX's butter gloss and LA Color's high shine lip gloss.) I do recommend splurging on a good pair of shoes, though.

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Reply by Luxxxbruh


I'll be honest, Accesories are the KEYY!!! Belts, Necklaces, Chains, Earrings, they really pull everything together when it comes to oufit, and, a personal hack i have is making my makeup match my clothes or hair, For example for a while i had half purple half pink hair, and i matched my makeup like that making one eye pink and one purple. :D i hope it helps!!

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