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best zelda game

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whats the best legend of zelda game and why???

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Reply by ❀lionel❀


My favorite is Majora’s Mask. I adore the story and I think it has some really solid dungeons, especially stone tower. What I love the most about it is the side quests though. Collecting all the masks and helping everyone in Termina was always really fun to me. It feels so much different from any other Zelda but it still has the core elements that make it Zelda. It gave me my love for games with real time systems and NPCs that exist on a schedule that live out there day regardless of your interaction with them. My other favorites are Twilight Princess and Wind Waker. As far as top down Zelda, A Link to the Past and Minish Cap

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Reply by alex_moons


as someone who has only played the switch releases is it true that the older games are much better? I truly can’t comprehend how it can get better after tears of the kingdom. Maybe it’s the nostalgia talking?? 

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