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How can i start working a side job

Posted by Solis


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Hi im 17 and i wanna know how does one start a side job as a student

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Reply by Viva


Make sure you have a resume!! if you don't have a resume, then you probably won't get a job lol

If you're unsure of what one looks like then you can easily look up some examples! I'm assuming you haven't had a job before, so instead of listing job experience you can list some places that you've volunteered at if you have! 

Once you get hired, or if the manager/interviewer asks when you're available make sure you can take shifts after school or on weekends

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Reply by Jinnicide


It's 100% ok to tell potential employers that this will be your first job if hired. But yes, you need a resume and a cover letter. List any and all experience you have outside of work (school activities, clubs, volunteering, unpaid labor, etc)

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