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Fav bands/ genres

Love me some crust, mince, grind, d-beat, hardcore, deathcore, different kinds of metal idk lol. Fav bands atm are eyehategod, hkfy, sordo. Love me some nausea too

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Reply by Turquoise Tentacle


Would you mind recommending me a song or band? I'm not really sure how to fit in, I listen to a lot of punk music in Spanish, although I understand that Get Scared has some post-punk, the Ramones... MDC, Sex Pistols, Agent Orange... I'm not sure I know much.

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Reply by Cody


Not sure how to reply to u directly so hope this works. Ramone’s and MDC are good, Sex Pistols is shit cuz it’s manufactured punk music, it’s basically a shitty boy band with a punk “aesthetic”. If your into punk sounds like that I’d prob recommend like Bad Brains, Bad Religion, Subhumans, minor threat, black flag and stuff like that maybe :P

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