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Oc transpo

One pet peeve I have about oc transpo is that, some of the routes that are like, routes that 1-10 people go on (really not a lot) and they almost always double deckers??? Then the busses that are packed full (for example the 111, which goes to Carleton and Algonquin college) to the point where people are kicked off, are always the smallest busses!!! It just annoys me so much because I not only used to have to take this bus, but also for other people! Last summer, the o-train was down, and the replacement busses were always packed full, never once did I see one be a double decker. What I assume happens, is that people realize the bus is packed on like Friday morning,ย and then for a couple routes on the weekend, itโ€™s a double decker, and itโ€™s empty!! So they donโ€™t send out double deckers when people are trying to get to work/school. It sucks that it has to be this way, but it is what it is.ย 

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