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Recurant nightmares

It's my first time posting here, pardon my english it's not my frst language.

My night terrors started when i was 6 (i don't remember those tho) after the death of my grandma wich i was really attached, she was like a second mother to me. The only trace that i have of thos night terrors are my mom reports to my terapist. The night terrors where shaped like that.

I was alone in my village street and it was night. There was only the light of the street lamp. I was walking and my surrending start to get more and more bizare. Like suddent water recovering the whole street and inside the houses. When i was reaching my grandmas house, i could see her trough the window, she had grey skin and her jaw completely mangled. She then got out of the house to reach me. I didn't move. Most of the time (still from my mom), i woke up at this moment because i was too scared. She said that i woke up confused and scared. One time i had soil myself.

I got more intense nightmare when i was 8 and also my first sleep paralysie. I kinda remember more of the nightmares of this time. Mostly one.

I was in the smae street, still at night but this time i didn't get into my grandmas home. I went to mine because i remember what will happend. When i was inside, everything was shaped differently. Like instead of being on the left the kitchen was on the back of the house. But the most important was upstairs. I got upstairs and the hallways was in the dark, i went to the bathroom who was the only room with light. There was my mom drowning my sister in the bathtub. When she saw me, she let my sister fall inside of the bath and she fastly walk to me. Growling "Bite ! Bite ! Bite !". She then bite my neck. I remember this nightmare because when i woke up i still had the sensation of her teeth inside of my neck.

This nightmare still shock me because i don't have a disfonctional relation with my mom. I love her and she love me.

But i started to realise something weird in my nightmares. It's always place i know but shaped differently. Like my local mall is next to my old highschool like in real life but it's shaped is different and also inside.

I also have the same problem/fear in my nightmare. Getting killed. Im always stressed and i don't know if i had feared that as a child.

But recently i had the weirdest nightmare and also kinda terrified. I was inside my grandma hause, but she wasn't here. I got out outside and it was night. But no lights for the street lamp. I still find my way to my house, there was some noise inside some house but i didn't see anyone. I went to me house. There was no light. I went upstaires and see the only one light, comming from the bathroom. I was nervous, i went inside and i saw my sisters floating in the bathtub face down. And my mom was bitten the neck of eight year old me. When she saw me she let go off little me (who was clearly dead) and she just push me to get out of the bathroom, she was pissed off. But she didn't harm me.

I went back to my old nightmare. Has anyone has ever went back ? Or have a recurrent environement in there nightmares or dreams ? Why do i have reccurent dream ? And why do i had dreamed about my mom hurting me ?

Please let me know. I need an answear.

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Reply by Lex


Maybe there are some unresolved feelings toward your mother that you haven't worked through. Also if our brain has such a strong response to traumatic dreams maybe it cycles through them to try and process the trauma by working through them in your mind. Hope you don't have anymore bad dreams :)

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Reply by Lily the Loser


I've had recurring nightmares about past family members as well. It started out collecting portraits of family members, while a shadowy figure assured me that if I missed one, they'd die. The one time I did end up waking up before grabbing my grandmother's photo, she died soon after. I've never had that dream again after that.

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