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flip phone/slidekick/kickborad

~one thing that i miss are those flip-phone/sidekick/kickbord phone from 2000-2010?they were so iconic!!i wish company would start to make them again(i know you could still get them again(second hand)but their mostly use for prop because apparently the newer sim card [we have now]dont work because of the cell tower??and those phone require a specify sim card??)but if only those company{lg,samsung,motorola}could like re-vamp them yk so they would be usefully.The newer flip phone that are available in the markert right now are lowkeyyyy ugly....i would like to be able to used them yk (i know its not just me)too take cute pic but also be able to make call/texts my friends with them!!!

[also looking for new friend sooo hit me up,lets become friendd<333]

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