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Has anyone been to Dubai?

Thinking about traveling solo, I’ve done light research on what I may need to travel. But any tricks or tips on cheaper flights, and stay? Maybe, even share your experience. :)

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Reply by CROWN


Check out UltimateBreak.com it’s join in group travel so you can go solo. When you get there you’ll meet everyone in your group. There’s an age limit so you’re not going to be in a group with someone that’s old. You can make payments on the trip if you need to and SOOOO much stuff is included. Check out an itinerary on their website to get a rundown of stuff. I’ve been on their trips and LOVED it so if you have any questions hit me up!

Unfortunately I can’t help out more with Dubai, I met up with someone that was already living and working there and she was my tour guide. 

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Reply by Karlyona


Omg thank you! I definitely will. 

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