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Hello, here you can introduce your system!


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Reply by Aprikitty


System name: Aprikitty Daycare

Collective name: Aprikitty / April

Collective pronouns: they/them

Age range: under 16

Type: Complex DID

DNI: No DNI list, we just block people we don't like

Interests: Your Favourite Martian, writing, debate, public speaking

Likes: Debating, public speaking

Do not mention: idk

Would like to meet: any ND and LGBT+ person tbh 

Alter who made this: Matthew (the best one)

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Reply by Endless_Stranger!


System name: endless collective 

Collective name: endless / Ender 

Collective pronouns: they / them

Age range: 12-14

Type: polyfrag hc-did

DNI: 20+ and endos and Zoinists 

Interests: our ocs, Genshin impact, the Stanley parable, 

Likes: our awesome psys <3 Our cats idk

Do not mention: idk

Would like to meet: Fellow neurodivergent systems :3

Alter who made this: Endless and Maine

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Reply by Kryptic!


System name: Cryptic (Gallery) System

Collective name: Kryptic

Collective pronouns: They/Them

Age range: 3-100

Type: Traumagenic (Dissociative Identity Disorder)

DNI: endos

Interests: too tired to list it all right now

Likes: same as above

Do not mention: sa/sui(cide)/sh (it triggers us, especially littles)

Would like to meet: other systems

Alter who made this: Sunny (with help of Jedia)

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Reply by {Tax collector}


System name: The Strawberry Milk system

Collective name: I don't know what that is

Collective pronouns: ??

Age range:6-22


DNI: I just block people who are really terrible

Interests: Music, singing, academics

Likes:Singing, music, learning things of interest, shows

Do not mention: I haven't figured out my triggers yet

Would like to meet: Any is fine!

Alter who made this: Emalyn <3

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