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poem by me (Moon Cycle)

Moon Cycle

and i could be the power 

and i could be the night 

but when people ask me 

how my life goes by

where do i go

what do i follow

all i can say is that my life

goes side by side

to the rhythm tonight

all i can say is that my life my life

follows the moon cycle

moon cycle

control me oceans and tide

moon cycle

ask the goodbye to the people in light

reflection of dark times and mirrors and thyme

time is just dying 

and i guess we’re just bound to disappear

the goodbye of our presence

won’t obliviate the power of the crescent 

all powerful 


Moon Cycle.

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Reply by Molly Rodela


Very nicely written.  I love the moon.

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Reply by HΣX



I like the power in the repitition and the way you broke it up.

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Reply by mystical illusions


 Nice write :>) I love the moon cycles also ...

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