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Release a virus worse than the plague, as the undead masses rise from out they graves
Un-leased to roam Earth with a tase for...
There ain't no place to hide when we surround you from all sides
Broken teeth rip through ya flesh, as rotten hands rip out your spine
You see there's no more room in Hell, so we must creep through where you dwell
You can tell when we come cause you can't escape the smell
Check it, every one of you lose is another one of us
I hate to break it to you, but mankind is probably

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*Standing Ovation* 

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Reply by KidsMeal


It is so... odd to see spam bots in Spacehey forums? I guess no site is free from them. Either way, this is fucking awesome. It sort of reminds me of Virus by Deltron 3030. You should give it a listen.

I know this was posted quite a while ago, I'm trying to interact and find activity wherever I can.

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 I was can to improve insights from this great 

Renown Mychart login

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goes hard

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