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🫧Soda Lip balm🫧🥤♡

Posted by Maybelle


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Today I was scrolling through Pinterest and I just came across with the cutest lip balms ever!! 🥤🫧

These lip balms are from the classic brand ‘lip smacker’ I’ve never tried these lip balms before but I’ve seen these in my local drugstore and I’m always in awe of these cute packaging, I heard they smells like soda too! :D 

I found out that these also went viral on xiaohongshu at some point, specifically the grape Fanta one. Looking at these pics makes me wanna get one for myself too, I’m not sure if these are actually good or it’s because xiaohongshu girls are making them looks good :P

What do you think? Would you try these lip balms? :)

*these pics below aren’t mine*

And also…

Have a nice and wonderful day!! :)

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