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A list of scene podcasts I listen to

Posted by Alex G


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  • State of the scene 

  • note to scene 

  • Lead singer syndrome with Shane told 

  • Page avenue crew

  • The punk rock MBA 

  • Rock this with Allison hagendorf

  • Gone fishkin

  • Pop punk and pizza 

  • The vanflip podcast 

  • On Wednesday's we wear black 

  • Generation GC

  • Punk lotto pod

  • Nick major show 

  • Spinning thoughts

  • Emo trash 

  • Talking records

  • Poolside podcast 

  • The emo social club podcast

  • The all punked up podcast

  • Growing up punk

  • Chris demakes podcast

  • Washed up emo

  • Name 3 songs 

  • Cry about it

  • Waldmans world

  • The ride or cry podcast 

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Yo, this list rules.

A lot of our listeners also subscribe to those shows!

We talk about early 2000s emo and pop punk and are putting out episode 250 this week 🙌🏻

If you want to check it out, it’s at www.reminiscentpodcast.com. 

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Reply by Alex G


Thanks @Reminiscent: An Early 2000's Emo and Pop Punk Podcast. Yep I listen to podcasts a lot of the day on weekedays while I work at my warehouse job. I just subscribed to your podcast on Spotify and I'll be listening to it this week

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