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has anyone else read spinning silver by naomi novik?

i read spinning silver for the first time a couple years ago and it instantly became my number one favorite book 

it's a non-antisemitic retelling of rumpelstiltskin published in 2018 that's very female-empowering and i wish i knew someone that has also read it 

i've read it twice, listened to the audiobook once and i plan on reading it again soon lol but i'd love to be able to discuss it with others <3

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Reply by Estel Dunadan


I haven't, but I'll have to look out for it. I love her Temeraire series, and want to read other works of hers.

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Reply by crocodile


OH MY GOSH!!!! I love that book. Have you read Uprooted by her as well? I loved both of them. 

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Reply by Amir Parker


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