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thoughts on the fallout show?

Posted by darf


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i'm a pretty big fan of the fallout franchise, and frankly learning about the plot of that upcoming prime series was my 9/11, especially for as huge of a west coast lore nerd as i am.

to summarize:

- it's set in 2296, aka 15 years after the events of new vegas and 219 years after the great war itself

- it's set in los angeles, called "the boneyard" in pretty much all postwar contexts except notably here

- sets off from a vault 33, despite it being established in the first game that there were no vaults in l.a. besides the demonstration vault, which the master built the cathedral over and was itself destroyed over 130 years before this show is set (though fair's fair, it could be that the protagonist eventually just drifts into l.a. at a later point)

- being a bethesda-backed production, it of course centers on a chapter of the brotherhood that has access to airships and shit, despite being all but extinct in california

- has a badass bounty hunter ghoul character referred to as just "the ghoul", who seems to be aping raul's arc from new vegas

(to expand a bit on that last one; ghouls in fallout are basically just immortal burn victims, they're not a whole different species from humans, and are frequently portrayed as being regular people with relatively normal jobs and relationships, which is not only why i find this character so laughable for being as mired in tropey grimdark bullshit as he is, but the question the interviewer in that article asks, "can the ghoul get shot?", so mind-numbingly preposterous)

all this without the slightest mention of who you would think would be the dominant power in the region, the new california republic, especially given that it's where a big chunk of their postwar industry, in the form of the gun runners, are headquartered from (freelance gunsmiths who also manufacture most of the ncr army's weapons, for reference), the followers of the apocalypse (fallout's equivalent of doctors without borders) run a full-fledged medical university, and where their national treasury appears to be based out of going by the "angel's boneyard" written on their money in new vegas.

if you couldn't tell, i don't have the highest hopes for this show, especially since it's apparently all gonna be canon.

aside from that, though, the visuals (props, costuming, production design, etc.) seem to be alright, barring some dodgy cg. i especially like what they did with the pip-boy, if any of you have seen any of those leaked set photos, where it has this embedded glass display and solid metal cuff, it looks a lot less toyish than a lot of the irl recreations and cosplay i've seen. i do wish they crinkled that ghoul guy up a bit more, but it's at least consistent with the aesthetic bethesda have established for the series.

i also like how this show seems to be significantly more rooted in its setting, like with how you see the griffith observatory and the ruins of venice beach in some of the panning shots in that trailer. as much as i ofc love the west coast games, they could practically be set in any desert environment for as little of a resemblance as a lot of the landscapes in them bear to the real-world locations they're supposed to be depicting (especially the classic games). bethesda's always been good with that kind of detailed location scouting, if nothing else.

but what are your guys' thoughts? i've always been interested in hearing about what the world thinks of the shadows on my cave wall.

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