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any ffxiv gamers?

Posted by Arrow


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let's be friends! tell me about your wol + main job or maybe what you're doing in game between patch cycles

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Reply by Eve ☆彡


This is late because Forums are a desolate land but I've been trying to get back into FFXIV! I just wish I knew how to play with people without it just being "follow me while I beat these things and I'll follow you and watch you beat things" lol (I'm still like level 23!)

I'm a demo player but I really enjoy the game, I'm trying so hard to get to Bard 30 so I can play music lol... my WOL is a very stuck up formal lalafell named eva delune (after clair de lune) because I didn't know lalafell naming conventions were a thing!

I wish more of my friends played TT_TT My only FFXIV friend is like 400 levels higher than me womp womp

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Reply by virbalis


I play a viera/lala on DPS usually! Did all of Endwalker on SAM then moved to SGE, RPR and GNB. I love making glams for all my classes

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