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Anyone here do SimRacing/Rally/Drifting?

Posted by iAmSpeed


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Since the pandemic hit us during the dawn of VR but many games have proven themselves to be decent teaching tools for driving.

There are many free or cheap sim titles with cult modding communities still supporting their lifecycles, and on the other side, DLC content packed and/or polished with shiny graphics on sale for a lot you could be spending on equipment.

Comment below what you play at home to entertain yourself and stay sharp right now without going to meets, going to Mexico with the boys in the middle of the night, or going to events. Keyboard drivers welcome.

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Reply by DickHayden


Working on putting money aside to buy a sim rig and get into iRacing, if you have any advice on what to shoot for in a rig I’d love some direction.

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Reply by iAmSpeed


For the controller, I'd stick with old G25s and G27s if you can find rigs already built on Craigslist.

Otherwise, G920/G29, I'm personally going to holdout till I find a decent direct drive wheel before I replace my rickety G25. More info here if you scroll down a little or ctrl+f "wheel" http://wiki.get-good.net/index.php?title=Main_Page

As far as sims goes, you can get rFactor2 for free if you look hard enough, otherwise LFS demo is good. I think iRacing is great in that it attracts celebs and that you can try it out for a few months and cancel your subscription to try it out. But its too much money for an incomplete physics engine.

If you want the discipline to drive cleaner, Richard Burns Rally works much better than booting you or assigning penalty points to you for every minor scrape. Just my 2c.

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Reply by Sixam Jones


you're gonna love the new car were getting. ill post when it arrives (3 days!!!)

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