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how did tiktok influence the success of ¨Jennifer´s Body¨ and the whole AGC album?

when jennifer´s body was leaked, content using the song´s intro snippet began to spread rapidly on short-form content sites like tiktok, reels, and even ytshorts. when i first heard the song in a tiktok slideshow, i had no idea the melody was from a ken carson song (the only lyric in the timeframe of the snippet was ken saying ¨fuck¨). not too long after i found out where it originated and by that time the audio had trended. i just wonder how many new fans were exposed to ken through the leak, and if it had a sizeable effect of the success ken saw with the agc drop. the album was a 7/10 for me, not hating, but it wasn´t anything life changing, so i think th... im too tired to keep writing. ive been abusing adderall and have been awake for 50+ hours. but tgif

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