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HTML for adding snow to your page?

howdy folks! back in the late 2000s/early 2010s, i remember a ton of custom pages would deck themselves out with falling snowflake animations. does anyone have any html/css code to add to your profile that does the same thing?

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Reply by 《★~ MeowMeow ~★ 》


Hi i found sth that might work for you:

Here's the layout someone made (just change the img links from penguin ones to your fav snowflake pngs :DDD)

You might wanna change of those pngs by doing it like this:

<img src="LinkGoesHere" width="YourPreferedWidth" height="YourPreferedHeight"/>

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Reply by ectoBiologist


BALLER, thanks so much! i'm definitely giving this a try :D

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