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Recent Dilemma (Crosspost lol)

I've been trying to figure out the best way to build a following as
an artist and get myself known. I'm pretty good at art, my main issue is
that I lack consistency with my artstyle.

I really don't want to
limit myself as an artist and force myself to stick with some style
because it's more marketable. Although, I also find it would be quite
difficult to get people to recognize me by more than just one or two of
my works if I don't have more similarity.

How I could create more
of a balance so that I'm not boring myself and hindering progress in
skill, but also am producing recognizable work? Anyone else going (or
have gone) through a similar conundrum?

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Reply by Jinnicide


Wait until you do have a distinctive style, then promote it.

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Reply by Brittyliz


Take a look at threadless.com (you can click here: Link) - it's similar to RedBubble in how it's set up BUT it's been around much longer than RedBubble has and there are zero creator fees. It's free. You can get ideas of what they have, and through their artist shops, you can create your own. They have downloadable templates so that you can fit your art nicely on each item. I personally use ProCreate to create my art and then photoshop to design on Threadless's templates I download. I've sold quite a bit, not as much as I want, but way more than RedBubble. It's cool knowing someone on the east coast has two of my shirts when I am across the country!

Now, as far as consistency - I face the same issue, but I quickly came to realization most people want different stuff. You -don't- have to keep everything the same. Someone will either love it, or scroll on. I like having a variety. My art shop is on my profile page if you want to see what I am talking about.

If there are an insane amount of rules for how art -should- be, then what's the point of creating? It becomes dull and not from -you- if you are doing what everyone expects and then your heart won't be in it. Best of luck to you! 

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