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Pre-Made Arenas [pinned]

Posted by 和仁



Arena 1 - Bloody Battlefield

Image: Bloody Battlefield Image

The field is littered with suits, wounded fighters and carnage. Red, pink and gray are the new colors of what was once a beautiful, luscious field, which has now become the stage of a bloody war.

The air which would normally carry the delicate scents of flowers and fruits is now carrying a thick, black smoke and small embers, a sight of pure nightmares.

The toll on both nature and humanity is tragic. It'll likely take a lifetime before this field will have recovered. It's clear broken siege engines, metal and explosion holes have taken the place of plants, trees and flowers.

Arena 2 - Misty Forest


Fog Background

The forest was far-reaching, misty, and thriving. Its canopy was claimed by maple, oak, and crab apple, who gave just enough light a chance to descent for a mishmash of saplings to take advantage of the sloping and slanting ground below.

Curling climbing plants dangled from many trees, and an array of flowers, which grew in abundance, added some bright touches to the otherwise green terrain.

A medley of animal noises, most of which were bird songs, added life to the forest, and overpowered the sounds of a fight over dominance between larger animals.

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