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Autos are doing an action without a logical explanation or giving a chance for a reaction. Doing something automatically without letting the other react to what you are typing. In a combative sense, it is something that can ruin the spirit of fighting and even ruin the fun for the match of all parties. This includes, but is not limited to auto-hitting, auto-dodging, auto-blocking. This is not allowed and will call for immediate disqualification. If you are caught doing an auto during a combative event, your opponent automatically wins and moves on to the next portion of the event.


Metagaming in a combative sense is using knowledge of the enemy that you should not know about. Even if in their post they describe their full intent, unless your character had viable reasoning or is verbally told their intent, your character should not know. This is even for the little things such as feint attacks, counterattacks, bigger plans. This is different than having the experience to figure out what's going on, or being flexible to adapt to the circumstances. Metagaming is not allowed. Please do not do this or use the excuse that they “had a spy” or anything similar.


Godmodding in a combative sense is explaining what happened in another's character without the owner of said character explaining so; controlling another’s character. In simpler terms, this is outright saying "The attack connected and they took massive damage." This is not allowed. Let the other combatant give a chance to react to your attack before deciding what happens. However, if part of your post is simply ignored in their post, allow the combatant one rewrite. If it is still ignored, then assume that said event went through without blockage. However, do not abuse this rule, please take the time to explain what is going on when asked.


Bunnying is a term where the combatant uses more than one attack in their turn. Since there are bound to be more than two people on a team per match, it will be harder to determine how many attacks you can do at once. To stop this dead in its tracks, each person is allowed one attack per turn. This does not include counter attacks that were made in previous posts, or charging an attack for a future post. Please keep this logical. An inexperienced fighter wouldn't be able to block 13 attacks coming in at once, but he could certainly react to them all. Same as a person cannot blast off consecutive attacks within the span of a few seconds.

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Combat in this roleplay is turn-based and the first post by both sides will always be the introduction post. This is where the first poster will describe the scene, the reason why they are there, or any other pieces of information that is relevant for the battle; if it is not already provided. For everyone who is fighting, the introduction post must include anything relevant to their character that is not on their character sheet. Anything that is used that is not in the introduction post or in their character sheet is considered null, void, and calls for a rewrite. After 3 rewrites calls for a disqualification. 

(Note: At the beginning of your introduction, above the actual writing, post the following.)
[Power Tier]: (The power tier of this fight.)

[Time Limit]: (How long each combatant has to post before they're considered disqualified.)

[Judge]: (If there is one available, who is judging your fight?)

[Character Sheet]: (Either a link to your character sheet thread post, a link to your character sheet off site, or the entire character sheet itself.)

Turn Order

This roleplay is heavy on teamwork and different levels of cooperation, so eventually it will be a time where a large amount of people will be posting a lot at once. Once the post order has been decided, there is absolutely no breaking of that turn order allowed. This is not like tabletop games where you can get attacks of opportunity as your enemies run by: note that when it is your turn to post. Keeping in order means that things get less chaotic and people who may be slower at typing or writing longer posts can do so without being worried of being left behind. If someone leaves the turn order due to leaving the scene, being incapacitated, or just being unable to reply and has given the consent to skip their turn, then the turn order goes as planned but skipping their turn. There is no new turn order when a person has left the timeline. If someone new has entered the timeline, they are slotted after the last person to post before them. 

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