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What is the silliest true crime case you have heard of?

This is not meant to minimize, glamorize or make light of the seriousness of true crime.

Hi all! 

So, the nature of crime can be truly devastating. Often times, especially now with the advent of the true crime "Fandom" having taken off in the main stream to a much greater extent, there is a disturbing loss of humanity for the victims and the perpetrators, and the lasting pain these cases can and will cause to the families involved. 

This is all true, and it is also a fact that while there is a true seriousness to all this, there are certain cases that can only be described as...silly.

You know what I mean, cases that are so far fetched, straight out of a slap-stick comedy that someone in the Looney tunes storyboarding room could have come up with. These plots are often foiled due to the never ended stupidity and sheer arrogance of the perpetrator. 


  • The only criteria is that the attempted crime was foiled before it could harm anyone. In other words, it must be a case without harm coming to the intended victim. 

I am excited to hear what cases you all know!

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Reply by Annie Ann


Me first! 

The biggest reason I created this topic was because I wanted to tell everyone about the halarious case of Dalia Dippolito. 

The case of Dalia Dippolito

This case happened in 2009, in Boynton Beach, Florida, USA. it involves Mike Dippolito, who was on probation for drug charges and a fraud operation he had been caught in. One day, while his wife of seven years was away, he decided to get an escort and that is where he met Dalia Mohammed. In a whirl-wind, short and fiery romance of about 2 weeks, Mike divorced his wife and married Dalia. 

This is where things get weird for Mike. His parole officer shows up after multiple calls that he was dealing drugs from his home (None were found), then the same thing happened on a trip Mike took with Dalia to palm beach (Nothing was found), and then finally the same thing happened after Mike and Dalia went out to dinner and this time narcotics were found in the car. 

Mike had a breakdown because he had no idea why this was happening to him since he had not been doing any durg dealing, and funny enough, his parole officer thought the same and let Maike go. 

To save you guys a long story, Dalia went to her ex boyfriend, Mohammed, to ask him to kill Mike after she had this whole song and dance about him being abusive. Mohammed went straight to the police and the police bugged his car with a camera and when Dalia confirmed her intent to kill her husband, the Florida police did the most Florida thing imaginable. The famed show, COPS, was in town and they jumped at the chance. 

They trolled her! 

I am not joking, they had an undercover cop pose as a hitman, faked a crime scene, were there with cameras rolling when they told Dalia the fake news that Mike had been killed, the whole nine yards! 

This all happened in 2009 too, the same year they married! She had been trying to get rid of him from the jump, and thankfully it didn't work.

There is so much more to this case, but I'll leave you with this link to a youtube video inteast. Its from the popular channel JCS, I'm sure you'll like it.


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Reply by Essa


Go to Jail, do not collect $999,524

In 2011, 53 year old Michael Anthony Fuller from North Carolina, USA walked into a Wal-Mart store and bought a vacuum cleaner and microwave for $476. So far nothing wrong with that, right? Well Michael attempted to pay for his purchases using a million dollar note from the game monopoly! After demanding change of $999,524 from the cashier, the police were promptly called and was arrested. He was charged with attempting to obtain property by false pretences with a bond of $97,500.  

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