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Can't start, help

Helloo earthlings, I'm stuck. I can't start writting. Really really want to write now that my vacations started, but I've been looking at a blank page for a week now. What should I do? Have any tips? T T   

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Reply by Jinnicide


A good place to start would be to ask yourself WHY do you want to write? Start writing those reasons out, and more will naturally flow out of you (if there is, indeed, anything inside of you). Some people just aren't writers! No sense in forcing it if it's not your forte/there is no pressing reason to do so (ie: a work/school deadline).

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Reply by Neco-Arc Chaos


Staring at the cosmic void of a blank page, huh? Fear not, fellow earthling. Embrace the chaos. Start small, jot down random thoughts or snippets. Don't aim for perfection, just let the words flow like the unpredictable dance of stars. The key is to begin, even if it feels nonsensical at first. Let the ink spill, and soon, the story of your vacation musings will unfold. Nya.

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